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Adjustable welding rotator
Adjustable welding rotator
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The welding rotator is mainly used for the welding, polishing, lining and assembly of cylindrical cylinder, and can also be fitted with other tooling for the assembly and welding of the cone and the rotary body with unequal diameter of segments. This product is widely used in wind power, pressure vessel, petrochemical, pipeline, steel structure, boiler, shipbuilding, surfacing repair and other industries. We can also design and customize all kinds of roller frames according to users' needs.

1.   It adopts double deceleration box, double motor drive, large driving force. High quality variable frequency governor is used, and its performance is reliable.

2.   The center distance adjustment of adjustable roller rack: under general circumstances, 2 tons or less can be adjusted by screw rod and more than 5 tons by bolt.

3.   The design speed of the roller frame is variable frequency and stepless speed regulation.

4.   According to the needs of users, we can design various deformation modes such as row walking, screw adjusting, lifting and tilting.

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