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Automatic welding Column and Boom
Automatic welding Column and Boom
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The welding column and boom is a special equipment for automatic welding of the inner and outer seam, the angle weld and the inner and outer longitudinal seams of the component, which is combined with the welding roller frame and welding positioner. It is divided into two types: standard and heavy, suitable for welding of inner and outer circumferential seams and longitudinal seams of various cylinders. According to the requirements of users, we can add internal telescopic arms, manned devices and maintenance ladder. The manipulator control system adopts digital or analog control, and it can achieve linkage control with other devices.

This product is widely used in wind power tower cylinder, pressure vessel, petroleum chemical industry, nuclear power heavy capacity, surfacing repair and other industries. The alternative welding methods are: submerged arc welding, argon arc welding, gas shielded welding, plasma welding and so on.

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